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Weep For Jerusalem

“Weep” He said for grieved am I
The tears they stream with burning tides
My stomach sick from broken ruins
“Weep my child for Jerusalem.”

Father, please, it’s much to see
The broken hearts now lost at sea
The love that’s cold in hearts of men
“Weep my child for Jerusalem.”

Upon My throne I hear the cries
The sheep now caught in darkened mines
The broken paths and roads to sin
“Weep my child for Jerusalem.”

The altar now profaned with lust
Treasures consumed by moth and rust
Hearts that worship with mere lips
Jerusalem now is in our midst.

Deaf to counsel sent from high
Breaking souls with wounding sighs
Lacking love to lend one’s hand
“Weep my child for Jerusalem.”

As in the ancient days of old
Where sin prevailed and hearts grew cold
Where pride grew tall and love had left
Weep I did for Jerusalem.

September 21, 2016