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The Stirring

Often there is a restlessness when the Lord is preparing for a move or a new work. May times it is a signal the eagle is stirring His nest. It’s as if one minute you are settled and suddenly a restlessness occurs that you are unable to shake. It’s our Master readying us from within. This is a good time to press into prayer for His heart. Many questions flow from my own heart when this begins to happen with me. Questions for direction and the ability to discern well His desire. Also, there becomes a deep hunger in my soul that longs for a deeper knowledge of His ways and a yearning to to draw near to His kindness and heart longings.

“The Stirring”

Oh Lord, what is this burden

Which presses onto my heart

A birthing of Your own longings

That soon will leave Your mark.

A grief that there’s no longer

A desire to know Thy heart well

But to surrender to man made antics

With no divine glory resting there.

O God where is Thy glory

It’s a dry and thirsty land

Your well is full of plenty

But draw it does not the man.

A valley full of dry bones

With graves covered in sand

You ask can these bones live child?

I answer “if You send Your wind.”

So breathe dear God till they rattle

Till bone to bone does stand

And those still covered in sinews

Do fill them with breath again.

Do stir up deep while we’re sleeping

Pursue Lord that which is dead

Pour out your lovingkindness 

To make us a quite gentle man.

O’ Tender our hearts to Your longings

Rapture us into Thy arms

Awaken by waves of deep stirrings

A people to hear such alarms.

April 29, 2017