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The Power of a Pause

There’s a silence with a lasting impression

It is the mark of a paramount pause

Where noise briefly lost to the hearer

Is as loud as a huge waterfall.


It’s the 400 years of the white page

Between the New Testament and Old

Where the Word of the Lord was quiet

And men were in famine of soul.


It’s the moment the tongue is submitted

Before any harm can be done

When death had readied to pierce deep

But life was chosen in love.


It’s the silence that was heard in all of Heaven

As the Savior hung dear on the cross

And the moment of utter darkness

Excruciating was this pause.


It’s the moment of deafened sobbing

When anguish dare not make a sound

When the Spirit does rush in to comfort

As grief pursues like a hound.


It’s the half hour we see in Revelation

Upon the opening of the 7th seal

When the censer with fire from the altar

Was hurled to earth with zeal.


And lastly, the delay upon a dear heart

That’s coming but slowly to Christ

As the Father does draw him from Heaven

And surrenders he does now his life.

June 1, 2017