field of flowers
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The Field of Flowers

I was walking with the Lord again yesterday and it was a lovely day. There is just something about when the flowers begin to bloom and fill the fields. I had noticed for days these precious little flowers that were so dainty and looked almost like miniature flowers really. Yet so beautiful. They might would be overlooked for a fancy vase in our human eyes but I noticed soon how when a field was full of them, regardless of their small statue, it was magnificent. It did remind me of the Lord’s Church. As we move hand in hand we see a beautiful multiplication happen even when we do not realize it. The love Christ places in us is shared in many ways to nurture others….then suddenly they go do the same….and the domino effect occurs…until we have a full field of dainty little flowers thought to be too small for great tasks become a field of flowers raised as an army for Jesus and the work He is calling forward.  May we each arise as that little flower in His field…:)


The Field of Flowers

Sometimes the smallest, petite, little flowers

Withstand the strongest storms.

For they have learned how to get back up

When the rain has left them torn.

Sometimes overlooked blowing under the sun

Comes a strange and surprising delight

The seeds multiplied when broke in the night 

A whole field now brings Father delight.

~Shelly Wilson