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Tell Me About This Hug Lord?

I have found there must be a particular and sweet anointing on some who hug.

I have felt it in very few over my life with Christ …yet it is so very tangible and healing. There is an incredible power in this hug. It doesn’t seem to be present in just every hug. I sat this morning talking to the Lord about this as I noticed it so much with one particular woman at church. 

Her hugs are uniquely different. There is a weight and safety to them that causes one to feel tucked away gently. These type of hugs linger it seems and you certainly do not want to be anywhere else. It has amazing staying power♥️

It might seem strange and peculiar to ponder such a thing, yet the Lord lives within this woman and He reminded me her arms were simply doing that which His also were. Her crushing circumstances had given her open arms to love well with a simple hug. She knows the power of it on a heart in need. Likely, she personally learned the need for gentle hugs.

I am most grateful for such a gift that she has…for I benefit weekly by it and each time I melt in the arms of Jesus….

As I finished the thought, the Lord graciously whispered, “it’s the fragrance of her broken, alabaster jar…” 

With this I could nod a tearful “Indeed…”