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Rise Up To The Challenge of Your Rival

“This time…I’m coming for you…”

There is a moment in every believers life when either we lie down and die or get back up and train again for the fight.

I remember growing up and watching Rocky training against all odds… we all remember the song that played during his training. We entered into the moment with Him…he surely paid the price of pain to gain his victory….. the truth is parallel for us as believers.

As I pulled up the lyrics because this song was rolling in my head last week (Eye of the Tiger), I realized the Lord was calling me to train and ready for the coming fight. There was a season my rival thought he had me dead and buried…but I rose again with a greater measure of the Lords heart and Spirit within. That wilderness molded a warrior that was hidden even from my own eyes.

Today I walked with Jesus and He spoke longer will you wait for your rival to come to you… but now you will go after him…

It was quite a dramatic moment in my wilderness closet as I turned on the same music Rocky trained to and I bowed my knees before Jesus and whispered…It is written… Very shortly Satan will be underneath my feet….

And this time oh rival of mine… I’ll be as Benaiah pursing the lion into the snowy pit….I shall not fear.

As the music started and my steps quickened I realized the Lord was saying this time go up with courage and a spirit of endurance… we are going after what the enemy has stolen from My people….

Yes it will be a fierce battle but it is written “the Lord has prepared for me a table in the presence of mine enemies…”

“Shall I go up Lord to the fight?” Yes indeed… I have given it over into your hands…

I will be singing this song in a couple weeks for the Kingdom sake to a group of women who have been fighting to get back what the enemy stole in their lives….it will be a fitting song to take back for Christ….to remind Gods people… we need not run…but we must simply rise to the challenge..

Pursue the enemy… infiltrate the darkness with His light…Possess the land…we mustn’t back down now. Often the enemy uses great rationale to keep us from fighting for Christ. It’s too hard, it could cost me my life or at the least my reputation…we shouldn’t offend anyone…yet Christ is the one offended at the slumber of His people. We run from the enemy when Christ…The Lion, Himself, has called us to run to him….

Don’t fear …. we have the authority in Christ… fight to bring Him honor and glory…don’t trade your passion for self glory as the world may..and certainly the only heavy weight champ is Christ, Himself ….use the passion He gave you to bring Him glory.. without Him we can do absolutely nothing..

So put your earphones in and go train with Christ… it will take physical strength and endurance for this last days fight… yet…we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.. we are survivors who have a Lion living within us… we have all the Power we need in Him for this victory🙌🏻

“Rise up to the challenge of the rival…” the song says..and many other parallels we can apply to our lives in Kingdom work as we fight a battle of supernatural weight.

This time sound the trumpet that God’s people will now pursue our rival…”I’m coming after you…”

1 Chronicles 11:22
There was also Benaiah son of Jehoiada, a valiant warrior from Kabzeel. He did many heroic deeds, which included killing two champions of Moab. Another time, on a snowy day, he chased a lion down into a pit and killed it.