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Press Release: Best Poets

A few months ago, we were surprised with an email asking would Shelly submit her poetry for an upcoming book published by Z Publishing House. The book would include poets chosen as the best emerging poets in Texas. We just received confirmation this past Friday night that Shelly was chosen and will grace the pages as an emerging poet with 149 other poets. The book will be varying topics and genres appealing to a variety of readers. There were over 1000 submissions that were considered. The upcoming book is scheduled for print as we understand it on September 7th, 2017. We will let everyone know as soon as we get word that it has been released.

a note from Shelly:

Christ is often a miracle maker in my life. Not until I gave Him my life and entered into a new season with Him did He awaken a gift that was hidden even from me. Poetry seems to pour out of me from moments of sorrow, joy, and also messages that He sends for His people. I am living proof that His Spirit does manifest in people today uniquely. I have no skill in writing, no training, and no accolades to offer as anyone other than an unknown writer who hears the voice of her Shepherd. I really do only hold the pen as He begins to write. He has trained me to surrender to His heart when He has something on His heart and mind. This is His unique way with me as He has a unique way with all of His children…

It is my prayer that many will read the poetry included in such a book and see Jesus either for the first time or in a season of need where He comforts them. That is the beauty of this book to my heart…it will be read by those who know Christ and those who have yet to meet Him as their Savior. I trust the Holy Spirit to do His work now and am excited to see Him go after those on His heart. He has a beautiful way of speaking to us in a language we each understand.

I pray you allow Him to do miracles in your life as well. He does get us where we need to be. Otherwise, how do you explain a stranger finding me online for such a book I knew nothing about? A small town girl who despised poetry in school and never dreamed of being a “poet.” He is undeniably The Christ who will do immeasurably more than you could ever think or imagine…(Ephesians 3:20)

Love Much,