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“Lo Debar…”

Are you living now in Lo Debar
A place of desert land
No hope and no dear pasture
Forgotten it seems by man?

Are you hiding the tempest storm clouds
Lamed as a result of war
Wondering should e’re you walk again
With feet that were broken and scorned.

Afar off the King has remembered
His covenant of kindness to you
And what you never thought would happen
The King will restore you soon.

For His heart is full of compassion
And He knows the pain you have squelched
Robbed it seemed from the blessings
Your royal inheritance beheld.

When He comes you’ll leave the desolation
To the palace you will soon now go
For He shall restore what was taken
And give you your royal robes.

Lo Debar will be but a memory
Where hidden for years you did go
But now the King comes to carry you
To His table and royal home.

November 24, 2016

2 Samuel 9: 1 Samuel 4:4
Lo Debar -“no pasture, no word, no communication.”