From My Closet to Yours

personal ponderings from Shelly Wilson


En Route

“En Route” -on or along the way- You never know what lies ahead very often. Yet you are “en route” to a destination. I surely never thought my route would have so many twists and turns and quite so many heart wrenching detours. Yet, I have seen the goodness of the Lord at every turn […]


Help Me to Hear…

There is a tangible sound when Christ arrives on the scene. Its often not “sound” as we know it but in the Spirit you know it when it comes. It’s merely Him getting your attention.  He says often in His word… “You have ears but do not hear..”  His coming can be swift like the […]


Teach Me

Teach me not to be the first But pleased to be the least. I care not for position Lord Only tenderly to tend Thy sheep. Teach me O Lord to offer blessings Upon those who give scorn To open doors for others Lord Even when I’m shunned and torn. Teach not how to fill a […]


Seek First

Seek First His kingdom and righteousness And destiny will be added unto you. Seek First His kingdom and righteousness And provision will be added unto you. Seek First His kingdom and righteousness And healing will be added unto you. Seek First His kingdom and righteousness And power will be added unto you. Seek First His […]


Cleanse Me

Cleanse me Lord of all iniquities That I may hear You well. Cleanse me Lord of self righteous unrighteousness Where pride in me does swell.   Cleanse me Lord of every transgression That I may with You dwell. Cleanse me Lord of all my sin That deeper I may sail.   Cleanse me Lord of […]


Wave the Flag

I see in my minds eye an interesting scene The flying of a flag A bunker where my soul does rest My sweat does soak thick rags. My fighting it seems I thought so well Yet now I see in full The war now raging in my heart Is a wrestling with The Truth. I […]


Go the Distance

A moment comes to call it quits When Satan deploys his hoards. When all seems lost as voices ring Just “hang it up” of course. When weariness does seep down deep And bones and muscles ache. You’ll have to fight the heavenly war Resisting Satan’s ways. Gain Thy strength in the secret place Where Christ […]


Draw Back the Curtain

This poem the Lord stirred after sitting with a precious one seeking answers about Jesus and His ways. It came rather quickly of this one’s “experience with the church.” She found little love in the body of Christ as a youngster trying to find her way. I cried all the way home and until I […]


Your Kindest of Ways

I had the privilege of sitting with a few broken hearts this past week. Each time I felt complete inadequacy to help them so I would whisper, “Lord, help me help them..” There were moments when my knowledge would want to share one thing…but the Lord would give me clear direction on what each heart […]


The Rise

 I have witnessed such harshness on social media lately. Brethren turning on other brethren, questioning every word they say, etc. I am one for truth no doubt; however, I also know where I came from and how easily we can misunderstand people. I would so hate people to pick me apart. If you look long […]