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personal ponderings from Shelly Wilson


When God Calls

When God calls you not everyone will believe, celebrate, or support you. There will be times you desire affirmations from people, yet most often you will meet fierce opposition. This is where the enemy will pull out all the stops to cause you to quit or doubt yourself. You may try to lay it down…. […]


Keep Your Crown On

There are times when you might be tempted to forget who you are in Christ. The enemy will try every avenue that is dearest to your heart to cause you to forfeit your royal inheritance and God given destiny…yet whether you forget it or not…it is still in place and can never be removed…it is […]


Rise Up To The Challenge of Your Rival

“This time…I’m coming for you…” There is a moment in every believers life when either we lie down and die or get back up and train again for the fight. I remember growing up and watching Rocky training against all odds… we all remember the song that played during his training. We entered into the […]


The Language of Teardrops

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book. Psalm 56:8   There must be a special sound That’s heard by Heavens throne A delicate noted pitch That comes from a tears sweet song. For a cry is often the […]


A Unique Heart Connection…

Today I awoke with a stirring in my heart so I thought I’d go ponder with the Lord on a walk. Often I am caught off guard when He has something on His heart that was unsuspecting to my own. Somehow it can sneak up on you at times. But regardless…He had plenty to share […]


Ever Felt Like Jonah?

This is just a little reminder when sometimes we are left confused about whether we truly heard from the Lord or not. This can actually happen often as we walk out this journey with Christ. Certainly none of us get it right all the time! We are all learning His ways with us daily. However, […]


Tell Me About This Hug Lord?

I have found there must be a particular and sweet anointing on some who hug. I have felt it in very few over my life with Christ …yet it is so very tangible and healing. There is an incredible power in this hug. It doesn’t seem to be present in just every hug. I sat […]


The Stirring

Often there is a restlessness when the Lord is preparing for a move or a new work. May times it is a signal the eagle is stirring His nest. It’s as if one minute you are settled and suddenly a restlessness occurs that you are unable to shake. It’s our Master readying us from within. […]


The Field of Flowers

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I was walking with the Lord again yesterday and it was a lovely day. There is just something about when the flowers begin to bloom and fill the fields. I had noticed for days these precious little flowers that were so dainty and looked almost like miniature flowers really. Yet so beautiful. They might would […]


A Wave of Fury

From My Closet to Yours Comments Off on A Wave of Fury

The Lord is so merciful and full of grace, yet He is still righteous and holy. He is also a perfect judge. While we are righteous by His blood sacrifice, we are also called to obedience to His Word. Obedience stems from our love for Him and the truth that He lives within us. The […]