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Captive is this heart 

To obey Thy Word’s commands

Oh, help me Spirit of God

Crucify this fleshly man.

For love it must pour out

In a way that aligns just so

For every Word of Truth

Arouses a slumbering soul.

Keep me O’ God so near 

From selfish and adulterous ways

That steal the fruit from vines

And causes hidden decay.

Where little foxes sneak up 

To steal what is holy and kind

They quietly do come

And snatch the faith at night.

Forbid me ever to go 

Down paths you do not tell

For good is not always best

Keep me hearing well.

Hold me close at heart

Let love remain so full

Remove the cherished sins

That allow any idols to rule.

Silence the voice of man

Unless them you do send 

For captive is this heart 

To only Heavens wind.

June 5, 2017