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A Report from the Mission Field-Treasure Church- White Oak, Texas

I had such a beautiful evening with the ladies of Treasure Church in White Oak, Texas this past Sunday night. The Lord had graciously given me a message for their sweet hearts called “The Skill of The Archer & His Arrows.” I had wrestled much days ahead pleading for His heart for them each. As soon as we prayed before service I was beautifully blessed with deep heart cries of His daughters. Freedom would be in the room indeed.

From where I stood I could see the Lord go after hearts. I knew of one struggling as I spoke of one losing a home…yet Christ had come to remind her the sparrows and swallows even found a home. Others responded to a call to lay aside every weight now to fulfill the call placed on each life…God needs all hands on deck now. Not one soldier can be spared.

As the evening ended Christ had come for several in which Satan had stolen their gift….and on this night…Jesus gave it back…restoring what the locust ate. Many testified of a need to “come out of comfort..” As He moved among hearts and the altar filled I heard the wailing cry of one dear sister and I scanned the audience to see the pleading with Christ and the tears as He comforted.

What sweet faces He blessed me with. As one came to hug my neck at the end she said a most profound thing I shall not soon forget….. “I envy your grief…because it took you so near to Him.” Days later I continue to recall this moment…and the familiar realization that Christ uses the suffering of the Saints to prepare them for other suffering Saints.

In this…I can only say thank you Lord…and here I am…send me…again.

Love Much,