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Do you have left any “wonder”

At the majestic King of Kings

The way He speaks to humans

And is so mindful of everything?


Do you still gaze at stars in the night time

And praise Him for beauties beheld

Or has your life become wanting

No notice of love that swells.


Just walk in a garden of lilies

And remember to which they are named

The Lily of the Valley has given them

Quite the notorious fame.


Then Gaze upon a field of Dandelions

Recall they are more than mere weeds

Like Christ they carry our healing

Though clothed in mere modesty.


Take time to visit the ocean

Where the curious and crazy things live

They remind us of Gods sweet character

And how He must surely too grin.


Be sure the warmth of the sun’s rays

That dance on a sweet water pond

Gives reflections of your mere image

Bearing witness of Gods dear Son.


If none of this seems more to matter

Then friend I bid you a plea

Return now to your first love

For He is waiting on thee.


June 4, 2017