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When The Shofar Calls

I want to be bold and brave, Lord

Yet, fearful I am that I’m not.

For as the time is nearing

The darkness crowds in a lot.


So many deceived by spirits

From religious to lying tongues

Soon your throne will direct then

The shofar calling heralds to run.


Oh many will crush under pressure

For power has been buried…benign

Debates of lesser significance

Have left us as comedic mimes.


The body is limp and dismembered

From gender disputes to roles

Whether your gifts are for today

And do you speak now at all?


Such questions they lend to distraction

The deception has spread now so wide

Even now I hear of your shepherds

No longer hearing Your Spirits cry.


We wonder why few now are coming

To worship and seek Thy sweet face

Perhaps the place they’re coming

No longer bears witness of Your grace.


Restore O’ God all that’s lost, Lord

The ruins and broken walls

Raise up the Repairers of the Breach, Lord

The Restorers of Streets among all.


I lay my head down now my Jesus

Leaving the fears all behind

And when I hear the shofar call

I’ll harken my Masters cry.

May 31, 2017


Isaiah 58…12

Those from among you shall build the old waste places;

You shall raise up the foundation of many generations;

And you shall be called the Repairers of the Breach,

The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In…