When God's People Sleep
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When Gods People Sleep

Going to Church is a lovely thing. It’s a time of gathering for worship and honoring Christ. However, it does not always represent a life sold out for Christ. Often it is merely a ritual of doing what is right in man’s eyes. Many come never desiring or expecting an encounter with a living God. This is sad because God has so much more for us. I began to ponder what if Christ removed all the Church buildings and Sunday morning services. Would there be any Jesus left in your life to speak of? Do we really serve Christ or merely go to a church service. Something to ponder…

“When Gods People Sleep”

If removed today He did your “Church”

Where then would He be seen?

For if we count the “going” dear

We’ve missed His heart indeed.

For each was set upon this earth

To make His Highness known

So if your “Church” exists no more

Then where does Christ in you roam?

See, “Church” was never a “going” affair

But a life lived in His stead

So if the buildings no longer stand

Does Christ lead you dear man?

For if your faith only Sundays reside

Then faith may be well lost

For Christ in us does leave a mark

Each day it dearly costs.

So perhaps today the truth is ,yes,

You are but fast asleep 

And when Christ comes to call accounts

Our hearts will surely sink.

For we may well spend most our lives

In merely a ritual

When Christ did call us each to go

And make His disciples.

August 14, 2017