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When God Calls

When God calls you not everyone will believe, celebrate, or support you. There will be times you desire affirmations from people, yet most often you will meet fierce opposition.

This is where the enemy will pull out all the stops to cause you to quit or doubt yourself.

You may try to lay it down…. but it will rise again…

You may run like Jonah…. yet Christ will pursue you.

You may even refuse the call… then The Spirit of God will reckon with you…

After all, how can you separate yourself from the very purpose Christ wove into you when He formed you with His own hands. You were made FOR the purpose.. the call..

And again and again you will face The Master…Himself…as He whispers, “I chose you, you didn’t choose me.”

You will have to learn to lean into Jesus for all acknowledgement and applause. You will have to be satisfied with His voice alone when all others turn from you.

You will be as John the Baptist at times … a lonely soul…yet turned a nation to the coming of Christ with what many would call foolishness.

You may experience depression like Elijah when the enemy sends accusations and death sentences to your dreams and your voice… perhaps your very life. Yet the Lord will send an angel to feed you for your journey. He will give you strength when you are in need.

You may report in agony like Paul that all have abandoned you, yet Paul continued toward the prize…He still had The Christ with him.

This is when we know He has truly called… when His very hand that is on a life continues to press onward… yes you may take a break, refresh on a vacation, or even take a little sabbatical… but the true call of God absolutely arrests you….you are unable to escape it even if you try.

You will go with Christ when there is no money, no help, and no accolades. You will heed His voice, His way, and His desires. You will endure when it seems near impossible and breach that which seems unimaginable. You will cross a deep sea when needed, lay hands on the sick that they may recover, strike the water with a mantle if you have to, weep over the broken walls and ruins, you will journey through many a wilderness routes… and you will shout that which you have seen and heard. YOU ARE A DISCIPLE of CHRIST.

You will stand to your feet again and again after the enemy tries to destroy you….You will keep getting back up.

Just when you think you’ve taken all you can take the Spirit of the Lord stands up within you and gives you a holy unction and passion for the next leg of the journey.

Be sure Christ will fulfill that which He has tenderly placed in you…..and His gifts and calling is without repentance.

Don’t worry fellow warrior… there is One in which you have full approval and endearing applause….

To Him alone set thine heart♥️

Love Much,

Shelly Wilson