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We have take off..

and we have take-off…

Jennings, Louisiana

I always enjoy my time in what seems to be a home away from home with HLE Radio in Jennings, Louisiana. To launch the new From My Closet to Yours radio show on Monday nights, I spent the morning of the launch as a guest with HLE Radio sharing my heart for the show and what I felt the Lord desired… 2 hours went quickly:) What a delight to this heart each time….not to mention the Lord had been ever close and sweet with me on the drive to Louisiana. Nothing in particular happened….I just felt like we were on another grand adventure…and I think we were both smiling a bit. ….He really does still have my heart…

We have prepared the Youtube channel to host each show after HLE airs them each week for those who miss the Monday night airings. The latest show will always appear on my home page at as well. There are 2 replays during the week on One at 9pm CST on Thursday nights and Hunter had it on his heart to replay the show also around 12:30 am on Saturday nights to let the Lord minister to those who might be out and about struggling in the early hours. This was good to my heart as well. Sorrow has a way of resting upon one in the wee hours of the night.  The enemy can be relentless at these times and draw people to many places of darkness. I am a bit behind uploading last Monday night’s show but I do have up the live interview from Monday morning for you to enjoy! I will be caught up by mid week with last week’s show, as well as this week’s show! Thanks for your patience!

The interview with HLE Radio is HERE if you would like to listen (grab some coffee:))

I am a little late getting the first show up on our channel but will hopefully have that up later today. For now, enjoy the live interview…and Thank you for listening..and praying. I would appreciate any prayers you might offer in this season. God is surely stretching me out of my comfort zone and desiring to show Himself strong in the midst of my weaknesses.

Love Much,
Shelly Wilson


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