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The Water Lilies

I was journaling this morning my week before the Lord talking to Him about things on my heart. As I wrote my thoughts I began to write “I’m still not sure what the Lord is doing but I seem to step onto one water lily before the next one appears.” When I wrote this I saw a picture of a little girl hopping water lilies across a lake. However, only until she stepped on one did the other rise to the water’s surface.

While I wouldn’t naturally consider stepping onto a water lily, I do believe often our steps feel this uneasy and quite full of uncertainty. Doubt rises quickly and we often look for another way around a situation or possibly a shortcut. However, the Lord requires us often to do that which is impossible for us knowing He will receive all the glory in such situations. Often we merely must cross over to go where God is calling us to go. We like to wait for the surefooted steps before we move forward when if we simply would risk in faith that which we really already know to do….we would reach our land much quicker. The shortcuts will never take us where we want to go and certainly there are lessons along the long route that prepare us for our land. It is where we are fully equipped for our assignments. It would be tragic to take a shortcut only to find out we are ill prepared for that which Christ has for us.

So, when He says it’s time to cross over… and we feel all we have to step on is a delicate water lily..then simply trust Him ….and who knows but you might find yourself walking on water:)


The Water Lilies

Upon a grand adventure
Skipping through the fields
Humming a gentle melody
The breeze a swirling chill

Gazing at the sunset
Basking in it’s glow
Father brings me gently
To a thickened grove.

The trees were tall and mighty
Their roots peeked from the ground
Watching as I passed them
I jumped them round and round.

Then at the grove’s border
There came a lovely lake
Wider than the others
The shores were miles away.

To my surprise was nothing
No shortcuts and no routes
And Father whispered sweetly
“Be strong and cross it now.”

I whispered, “Lord it’s so vast
There is no way to cross.”
Then He replied’ “I’ve ordered
Your steps now..so just walk.”

Then appeared a beautiful water lily
And Father said, “now go..
For I have commanded angels
This lily will surely hold.

Then once I steppedĀ  upon it
Another appeared just right!
And Father reminded me often
He’s faithful and so kind.

Before I even knew it
The water was left behind
And as I stepped onto the shore
This land He said was mine.

He said if I had not had faith
And thought the lily weak
I would never have seen His promise
That was waiting me to see.

He said, “Do now you realize
On water you did walk?”
I gave a smitten grin to Him
Thankful for our talk.

He said sometimes His children
Miss His given steps
Looking for the shortcuts
Instead of lilies that He’s left.

January 21, 2017