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The Uprising

There’s coming a mighty uprising

One seen in the days of old

When Christ was performing His miracles

And mocked by the men in robes.


When knowledge was merely knowledge

And the text was read unto death

When Christ would show His glory

And mocked as a devil instead.


There’s stirring deception from the enemy

That causes skepticism and fear

Likely is controlling spirits

That refuse what Christ holds so dear.


Of course there’s counterfeit spirits

Who now are bringing strange fire

And we must discern the difference

And be careful to avoid such liars.


But too remember His warnings

Be careful not to swing too left

And become so full of unbelief

That we deny His very breath.


For one is as wrong as the other

And both prove false in the end

Oh left His Spirit now teach you

And keep you from roads that are dead.


June 3, 2017