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The Threshing Floor

Have you found yourself on the threshing floor?

Bruised and battered and sore?

For the Potter has placed His hand on you

Preparing you now with His sword.


Before you will become a great leader

He will take you on a journey that lames

To burn up the chaff that is hidden

Before this you can not take your place.


He’s resetting your eyes to see clearly

For flesh driven they’ve been till now

Yet when He starts the crushing

And the oxen are stomping around.


There comes a painful separation

From who you were to who you’ll now be

So embrace this new found freedom

That the threshing floor surely will bring.


There’s times you’ll think you can’t make it

As the crushing goes deep and wide

And when the hooves reach your heart strings

You’ll likely wish you could die.


But hold on for one more long minute

Your nearing the end of dark nights

The wind is blowing the chaff now

And what’s left is a warrior of Christ.

June 3, 2017