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The Sound of Worship

When lost in His presence there’s a sound.

It arises from one’s heart in deep resound.

When tears drop a melodic crystal that crown

Then His heart inside of you begins to pound.

It’s a beckoning of a princess to her King…

The rehearsal of her becoming His treasured Queen.

And once you close your eyes and hear Him sing

He’ll conduct the most amazing symphony.

The rhythm is one so constant  and full of peace

Petals lined the room with wedding wreaths

And perhaps when your eyes open you’ll catch a glimpse

Of the same Heavenly army the servant did.

So lovely is this moment to their longing gaze

For this worship does rise to their Heavenly place.

And they know the Saviors love that dearly paid

Is drawn to the sound of worship you make…

August 1, 2017