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The Power of Position

I was reading a book not too long ago from a great evangelist from many years ago. There were many good points to his book but one that I probably highlighted, underlined, and drew an oversized heart beside was something to this effect:

we can have even the power of the Spirit which has anointed us to do a work….yet if we are not in the appointed place for that work….we will be striving at best.

In other words, if God has called you to Africa yet you stay in Dallas…but you are trying to do the same work God has called you to…you are still deficient. You are on the wrong land and striving with the wrong people. The people God has appointed to you await you in Africa….it is where your fruit lives. Sure, you may see some success but who knows the impact that Christ intended for you and the lives of others if you should aim for the land God has called you to.

Location of the call is critical to the work itself. I thought this was so profound. Some are merely on a detour and wondering why there is little impact with such great effort. Perhaps there is a question to place before the Lord today. For, wherever God has initially called you…you best get there…because there is power in position.

If you are not in position, then you are out of position…and HERE is not the same as THERE.


There’s a place of divine strength
Where favor rests on thee
A place of God’s own breath
That anoints thy stepping feet.

The place that is thy field
And marked with thine own name
Let not it waste on empty
This land is yours to claim.

The assignments given you
Are indeed filled with His strength
But if your serving “Here”
When “There” He’s  calling thee???

Striving it will be
And figs they will not grow
For fruit is ripe for thee
In vineyards you’re to go.

Remember Paul was called
And sent to places vast
Positioned by the Lord
To go with nets to cast.

So let the old land go
And get where you should be
There’s power in position
When sent there by the King.

January 20, 2017