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The Honest Heart

There's the moment when the honest heart
Pours out all it's grief.
The anger,  pain, and tears
For God does honor these.

Do understand His heart
For He is for honesty
And though we tantrum well
He starts to mend all things.

When the words are religious fluff
And seem to be pristine
A problem does arise
For He wants honesty.

The light can pierce the dark
Even when questions arise
Ask them dear one please
For this is "intimacys" cry.

Hide not the questions deep
For He already sees
And when you trust them to Him
He then can tend your grief.

Listen not to this old world
Who says hide your pain from Him
For nothing can be done
When pride is kept in men.

Scream too if you must
For He will still not run
He sees the inner need
And, yes, He still will come.

He never turns away
His love is an anchored mark
Secure and safe for you
Trust Him with the honest heart.

March 16, 2017