The Door is Closing
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The Door is Closing

As I was walking today with the Lord I rounded the corner and He allowed me to see a concrete door..much like a floodgate…not a regular door. It was lowering and cutting of the waters that poured behind it. The door was almost closed..then I received this poem. Use what you have been given to love people to Jesus…

The Door Is Closing

There is little time just now
He shows me such a thing
The doors to the churches
Are closing rapidly.
Then in a quickened moment
Before my very eyes
I saw a floodgate closing
Halting the waters tide.

Time is of the essence
Work now while you can
Move outside the buildings
To catch the hearts of man
Rally just to worship and
Strengthen all the teams
The Spirit gives a warning
Of departing from fleshly things.

The walls will now soon crumble
The Truth will be exposed
All that is of flesh
Will burn up in His stove.
The water has been pouring
But many reject it still
So now the door is closing
And soon it will be sealed…

February 24, 2017