The Chosen Tool
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The Chosen Tool

There is a tool you must embrace

As you draw near to Christ.

A tool that leaves a crimson stain

A piercing of one’s side.

For as He molds your precious life

To reflect more of His face

You will meet a sharpened tool

Where suffering is it’s blade.

You’ll walk the depths of valleys deep

Where Christ calls you to go

For as is with the feet of deer

High places you shall know.

You’ll fight for truth from mountaintops

And see a cloud come nigh

It holds the promise of His rain

That’s sent to empower lives.

You’ll fight against deception, yes,

A cry that rises high

Some will never listen, no,

While others drink new life.

This walk will be quite narrow still 

By His own Word that sighs

Yet many stay in comfort’s nest

With teachings Hell designed.

So look my friend with fondness close

Of suffering Christ knew well

For if you are to be like Him

Death will bring you nails.

There is no cheap gospel here

That costs you nothing small

For you must lose your very life

To gain The Christ and call.

To dare look back will be remiss

For Lot’s wife shows this tale 

And suffering is the path of Christ

Where Living Water swells.

July 22, 2017