Captivity of Sorrow
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The Captivity of Sorrow

As I finished my morning devotionals, one had something in it that stirred my heart so.. The word “captive.” In essence the captivity to that which Christ calls us. I pondered sorrow..and it’s captivity. I’ve wondered often as valley seasons linger longer than desired is this captivity a necessity to the heart. There is something about the captivity of sorrow that keeps fresh the ability to help another hurting soul. For this I wonder does Christ keep the wound open just enough to assure compassion that acts quickly. It can be a weight that simply holds one at bay constantly. One would like to forget it’s there and that it’s home is sure and firmly built. Yet, at any moment you can know your companion still resides with you. In those times, I’ve often tried to run from this friend, hide from it, smile to cover it up…but eventually I must get low before Christ to offer it once again for removal. Yet, He says…wait…it’s work is not done. Thus the cross remains.

Should your cross remain..and His command is “wait”…know His will is for restoration. In His time of appointing, He will bring you out. The captivity is where you will learn fervent prayer…likened to when His tears turned to blood. No longer will your prayers be shallow and disconnected to His heart…for He is near the brokenhearted…in a way that is unique. It is where all logic will go out the window and faith will arise to a place of trust out of pure necessity. It will be birthed out of mere desperation to survive.  Yet, something unexpected happens there in that place. There is a new and deeper intimacy others will not understand. Only Christ, Himself, knows exactly. You will long to move on, to remember what it felt like “before” this companion joined you..and it will be hard to remember such a time for sorrow seems to cover many memories. You will get frustrated and plead with the Lord for release tired of this weight that drags behind you..but the Lord says, “wait.” You will not understand, nor will others. Natural rationale would be that time heals and you should overcome. Yet on your own…it is impossible. Thus, you must wait still on the one who opens prison doors. Many will come to console you but this work of the heart can only be done by the Father. His love and mending is the only kind that is complete. His binding of the broken heart is meticulous and thorough. When His time comes for healing and the sorrow has completed the finished work….you will know. Until then…you wait.


If sorrow lingers in thine heart

Father bids thee “wait.”

For it has work that must be done

Father knows the time it takes.

It might seem harsh these prison doors

For chained alone it seems

Yet, Father watches patiently

And sees the tears that sting.

What’s sown in you is deeper still

Into the heart of Christ

For He has let you enter in

His depth of heart and eyes.

You are not promised what was before

The same you’ll never be

But you can trust the Fathers heart

To use your pain for Thee.

When others come and dwell so near

Their sorrow you will see

That longing look of deep despair

Not spoken are such things.

A gentle touch will grasp your hands

Your heart will yield soft touch

And Christ will send you off again

Where sorrow has sewn great love.

November 6, 2016