The mission at First United Methodist Church in Middlefield, Ohio is “To reach out in Christ’s love offering His hope to all.” When you invite a couple of Christian singer/songwriters to your church to perform, you never know whether he or she will uphold that mission or not. I’m writing to highly recommend Kerri Crocker and Shelly Wilson, who abundantly met that high expectation for our community and church. While their music was honest and sincere and well-performed and their ministry was evident, we got to truly see their heart for the Lord “after” they stepped off the stage. In a reception that followed the concert, both ladies mingled in the crowd and effectively touched the lives of so many who came merely to listen to some good music. What they received in bonus was a touch of the Holy Spirit as Kerri and Shelly gave of their time and actually “were” the hands and feet of Jesus among His people. One person remarked, “If you can’t see Jesus in those two girls, you must be blind.” The members of First United Methodist Church can’t thank them enough for coming and helping to extend our mission beyond the stage and into the world of doubt, anxiety, grief, and pain. We know the angels were singing and Jesus was smiling, and you will be as well should your church be graced by their presence as we were.

Don M. King,

Worship Leader- First United Methodist Church-Middlefield, Ohio

“Shelly Wilson and Kerri Crocker are truly anointed. Their music is great, but their testimony and their love of Jesus is what truly shines through. Your church family or organization will definitely be blessed when you invite them in.”

Pastor Royce Gregory –

LifeBrand Cowboy Church – Painesville, Ohio



Shelly Wilson seeks Jesus in all she does. She goes to Him for every answer…and she waits. She waits for Him to reveal the plan He has for her, and that plan has been amazing. I first met Shelly (many years ago) in a small town in Kansas at an Advancing the Kingdom Festival. I was drawn to her love for the Lord and her love for the Word of God. It is that passion that leads Shelly to share this love affair she has with the Lord with us…to encourage us to draw closer to Him.
Shelly is a determined, disciplined prayer warrior who fervently prays for His direction in every area of her life. She is not afraid to ask her Father for anything. When I first met Shelly, she was an anointed singer, but she was always a little disappointed that she couldn’t (or so she thought ) write those songs that were stored up in her heart. Wow…next time I talked to her, He had answered her prayer! Those songs were pouring out of her heart…songs about her love for Him, about how awesome and Holy our Savior truly is. Shelly’s songs encourage us to live right, to love one another, and she sings about that on-going love affair she has with Jesus.
The Lord has led Shelly to sing, record a couple of great albums, start Drama Queens Ministries, publish a magazine, develop a line of Christian apparel and a new fragrance. The Lord just keeps growing Shelly as she reaches out with His message of love and of hope. I know this has all been His plan for her.
This has all been leading up to her newest venture, Immeasurably More Women’s Retreats. I can’t wait to attend! Shelly gives her testimony speaking openly and practically about her struggles and heartaches so others may apply what she has learned and how she found the answers right at her fingertips, in His Holy Word.
I am so blessed to know Shelly as my sister in Christ.

Sherry Fikes, Manager
Mixed Blood Ministries

When Shelly Wilson shares a song it is not just a performance, she is singing about a relationship. The songs she writes and sings are the natural response to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He has blessed her with an ability to transform her walk into beautiful words that impact lives for the Kingdom.

Many people can manufacture music, but not everyone can produce songs of the heart. Songs of the heart make an impact on the listener, but more than that, they honor the Lord. As Shelly sings, her heart for the Lord is revealed, He is exalted and others are drawn to Him.

The National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries has been blessed to have Shelly Wilson as a part of our team. Her music and ministry have been a great asset to many Raceway Ministries groups across the country.

David Martin

Chairman/Assistant Director
National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries

The first time I heard Shelly Wilson sing her moving song “Anymore” it touched the depths of my spirit. This of course was also the first time I heard her sing in person, so her anointed voice alone was enough to bring me to tears. But, when she got on her knees and began to sing…the words God had given her were the exact words I needed to hear. The Holy Spirit was ushered in and it was so powerful I was left with tears, chills and the entire room was speechless! “Anymore” has kind of become my personal theme song, but I also love hearing anything Shelly and the Lord sing together. She has an amazing gift of letting God speak powerfully through her and listening is always a blessing!

Misty Black

The Heart Knows


When I first met Shelly I had an instant connection, like kindred spirits. She has a smile that is so inviting, welcoming and contagious. We joined Drama Queens and what I saw happening in my girls as they spent time there, is their love for God and others displayed in so many new areas uncharted. Amanda started writing songs and then adding music with her guitar. Ashley would draw pictures of spiritual things. Alyssa just said the cutest things about God and caring for others in her 5 y/o voice.
As Shelly is led by the Holy Spirit, she is always pouring her spiritual heart into people’s lives. I love hanging out and serving with this sweet friend because when you leave her presence it makes you want to spend more time with the Lord.

Kim Conlon

Mother to 3 DQK’s who attended DQK the Studio

“High on the Mountain Top” An expression used often to describe a moment with God.
Hi, my name is Reverend David Goodwin and I am the Senior Pastor at Falvey Memorial United Methodist Church.
In today’s society often times we hear the phrase, ” I just had a mountain top experience”. This statement is usually spoken of after someone went on a retreat, or had a great revival at their church. However in many Methodist churches of today, this statement of faith is sadly not very prevalent.Recently my dear friend Shelly Wilson called and shared with me how God has been working in her life and how he had been moving her to speak on his behalf over some issues that had grown dear to her heart. Shelly ever careful to be obedient to God, asked me my feelings on the matter. She wanted to be sure that this did not go against the Bible in what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:34 about women being quiet in the church. This of course would be a hindrance for her if she was not truly called. That being said this is what I shared with Shelly, and many others when asked my stance on Ladies who would speak in the church.Many people within God’s word both Men and Women have been called by God and used by God to speak, preach, and serve God in many capacities. It is not my position to judge whether they are male or female. It is not my position to say God can only call this person or that one to speak for him. Here is what Christ offers me for guidance, in how to know if what is being said by anyone is from God or not. Jesus said in Matthew 7:16 that I would know them by their fruit. He also said to the Pharisees in Luke 19;40 that if the disciples became silent, that the rocks would cry out. So if God can use rocks to proclaim the gospel, he can certainly use women. It is not for me to quench the spirit that God communicates to us with. All this being said let me share with you, the fruit that has come from God’s call for Ms. Shelly Wilson to speak what he has laid on her heart.Shelly, recently came and brought God’s message to our church. She shared with us both in song and in word. The fruit that was shown led our church to receive a “Mountain Top Experience”. That’s right, you heard me correctly, God gave everyone in attendance that day a true On the Mountain Top moment. Every person was moved to tears, tears of joy, tears of repentance, tears that opened our hearts to receive God’s love in a way that is often unheard of within the Methodist church of today. God is always good, God is always providing for us in many ways. Here is the bottom line of this testimony, I would ask you this. When was the last time you heard God speak into your life so much that it moved you to tears? When was the last time as a church you experienced a mountain top moment?If your answer is not where you feel it should be, then give God a chance to bring his message to you from what he has commanded of Shelly Wilson. May we never quench his Holy Spirit and may we follow in obedience to what he has called us to do. Amen?

Rev. David Goodwin

Falvey Memorial Methodist Church

Wells, Texas

I don’t even know if I can put into words how I feel about Shelly Wilson and her gift of speaking. I am the director of Blessed Beyond Belief Ministries and Shelly has spoken at two of our retreats. In addition, she has spoken at the church where my husband pastors- Concord Baptist, Chandler, Texas. Her way of sharing the Word is unique, applicable and very personable. I am quite sure we will have her at BBB again in the near future. I highly recommend her! She is a tremendous blessing!

Gina Bauman
President/Director, Blessed Beyond Belief Ministries

As the pastor of a small country church, I receive numerous calls from various people and organizations wishing to use the church to promote different programs or ministries. I am very cautious about who I let use the pulpit, for I feel it is a responsibility that God has trusted me with, and I take it very seriously. When I was first approached by someone wanting to have Shelly Wilson come to our church and lead us in worship I was definitely excited about the opportunity. I had heard Shelly’s recordings on CD, although never in person. After some discussion and much prayer, I felt God leading me to allow Shelly not only to lead our worship service, but to also bring us the entire message for Sunday morning. God is always faithful! The message that Shelly brought that morning through song and speaking was spot on! God used Shelly in a mighty way to give us, as a body of believers, pastor included, exactly what we needed. I strongly believe Shelly Wilson is a Spirit-led woman of God, carrying out the call He has placed on her life.
In Christ’s Love,
Bro. Jeff Bauman
Pastor, Concord Baptist Church, Chandler, TX

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