The mission at First United Methodist Church in Middlefield, Ohio is “To reach out in Christ’s love offering His hope to all.” When you invite a couple of Christian singer/songwriters to your church to perform, you never know whether he or she will uphold that mission or not. I’m writing to highly recommend Kerri Crocker and Shelly Wilson, who abundantly met that high expectation for our community and church. While their music was honest and sincere and well-performed and their ministry was evident, we got to truly see their heart for the Lord “after” they stepped off the stage. In a reception that followed the concert, both ladies mingled in the crowd and effectively touched the lives of so many who came merely to listen to some good music. What they received in bonus was a touch of the Holy Spirit as Kerri and Shelly gave of their time and actually “were” the hands and feet of Jesus among His people. One person remarked, “If you can’t see Jesus in those two girls, you must be blind.” The members of First United Methodist Church can’t thank them enough for coming and helping to extend our mission beyond the stage and into the world of doubt, anxiety, grief, and pain. We know the angels were singing and Jesus was smiling, and you will be as well should your church be graced by their presence as we were.

Don M. King,

Worship Leader- First United Methodist Church-Middlefield, Ohio