Shelly Wilson seeks Jesus in all she does. She goes to Him for every answer…and she waits. She waits for Him to reveal the plan He has for her, and that plan has been amazing. I first met Shelly (many years ago) in a small town in Kansas at an Advancing the Kingdom Festival. I was drawn to her love for the Lord and her love for the Word of God. It is that passion that leads Shelly to share this love affair she has with the Lord with us…to encourage us to draw closer to Him.
Shelly is a determined, disciplined prayer warrior who fervently prays for His direction in every area of her life. She is not afraid to ask her Father for anything. When I first met Shelly, she was an anointed singer, but she was always a little disappointed that she couldn’t (or so she thought ) write those songs that were stored up in her heart. Wow…next time I talked to her, He had answered her prayer! Those songs were pouring out of her heart…songs about her love for Him, about how awesome and Holy our Savior truly is. Shelly’s songs encourage us to live right, to love one another, and she sings about that on-going love affair she has with Jesus.
The Lord has led Shelly to sing, record a couple of great albums, start Drama Queens Ministries, publish a magazine, develop a line of Christian apparel and a new fragrance. The Lord just keeps growing Shelly as she reaches out with His message of love and of hope. I know this has all been His plan for her.
This has all been leading up to her newest venture, Immeasurably More Women’s Retreats. I can’t wait to attend! Shelly gives her testimony speaking openly and practically about her struggles and heartaches so others may apply what she has learned and how she found the answers right at her fingertips, in His Holy Word.
I am so blessed to know Shelly as my sister in Christ.

Sherry Fikes, Manager
Mixed Blood Ministries