A Note from Shelly:

“This was my greatest fear. Years of stage fright in my youth and then later into my adult life as well. When God called me into music ministry I made sure there was little room for discussion, scared to death to utter a word. Only God can deliver from such fear. Little by little I learned He could be trusted. If I would obey Him, He would give me the words. Now, it is as Ezekiel refers to as a “fire in my bones” at times hard to contain. Woest the dear one who rings my doorbell as God is downloading a burning heart messages. His request is merely¬† to speak what I have seen and heard.”

Shelly has a unique way with Christ that gives hope to the hopeless and encourages those she is ministering to to cling to Christ with all they have and run with Him. Run the race with endurance, possess the land He has given them, and walk a set apart life with Christ. Her authentic relationship shared of a daily love life with Jesus is evident on stage and off. She is often sharing stories of beautiful ways He speaks to make evident that He is a personal God who desires us to hear His voice. She is committed to transparency with people knowing the world has become exhausted with pretend love and counterfeit religion.

Shelly shares at events and meetings with a combination of music, poetry, and God’s Word. She believes Christ has given her these tools and giftings to reach a broader heart longing. Not everyone responds in the same way. Some are profoundly touched by music while others by poetic messages and preaching of the Word. In this she uses all Christ has given her.

Shelly travels where the Lord sends her, considering invitations before the Lord. To invite her to your community please refer to the booking page.

Current Burdens of Shelly’s Heart. Please know Shelly is an evangelist at heart commissioned by God to share His messages through music and His word as well as other poetic forms. With this in mind, there are some invitations she must decline if there is another needed focus. For her to be obedient to His request we ask she be given time to minister in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to move on hearts, heal wounds, and set captives free. If any of these messages Christ has placed on your heart for your people please let us know as you request her to come minister. However, Christ often moves her through His Spirit with the messages He desires for each meeting. Only He knows the needs of each heart.

  • The Cost of Following Christ
  • Vineyards in the Valley
  • What is Beauty
  • Rebuilding the Ruins-Nehemiah
  • Your Deepest Valley Will Yield Your Greatest Victory
  • Seeing What Father Sees

coinExodus 4:12 – Now go! I will be with you as you speak, and I will instruct you in what to say.”

Luke 12:12 – For the Holy Ghost shall teach you in the same hour what ye ought to say.