Running from the Rain
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Running from the Rain

There is nothing more hindering than a religious spirit and this is why the scriptures tell us that “the traditions of man cause the Word to be of no effect.” There are areas in our lives we must allow Christ to sift and place His finger on. It’s amazing what our upbringing leaves as a residue of traditional mindsets that cause the Spirit of God to withdraw. Is He powerful…oh yes! However, He tells us once in His word about the traditions of man yielding no effect or void….that is staggering if you ponder it fully…and again how He performed few miracles in His home town due to unbelief.

Often we rationalize the scriptures trying to reason the supernatural work of God. In this is often unbelief that we do not even realize is there. When we hold to a mindset simply because we do not understand something in the word…we no longer allow His Spirit to teach us. We many times are completely closed off to what Christ is trying to teach us in all honesty. We must humble ourselves and admit we simply lack understanding. Just as we admit sin and our need for a Savior….often we are left wanting because we dare to admit lack and need in other areas of our walk with Christ. It’s when we cease pretending to know everything that He will begin to show us truth in areas we might have had “figured out.” Often we live in a realm of truth shaped solely upon our past teachings rather than His truth as He always intended. This is why we need the Holy Spirit to be our teacher. Today, we have bowed many a knee to the teachings of  man rather than the teaching of the Holy Spirit. This can be very costly to our moving forward into a deeper intimacy with Christ. May we remain teachable and humble before Him…may we be quick to admit our lack and need…He can not fill us if we never admit our emptiness…


It is now we must confess

When the body of Christ is lifeless

Desolate, barren, and dry

No presence of Holy Spirit you find.


Until man does decide

To give back the reigns to Christ

A valley of dry bones shall reside

O people of God…ARISE!


A weeping of need must commence

Admit the lack and the sin

Pressing away the rain Christ sent

For fear it brings to religious men.


Return to the ways of Christ

Where supernaturally He comes to unwind

All of man’s clever words that seem wise

Giving emptiness to hearts that now despise.


Dare now to bend to My throne

For many are  lead now astray!

Return…Return I say!

And cease now running from the rain.


August 1, 2017