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Report: Mission Field

IMG_0674This past weekend was lovely. The Lord had sent me to Jacksonville, Texas Friday night and then Chandler, Texas Sunday night. Friday night I had the joy of encouraging a woman with a vision for the local clothes closet. It seems today it’s getting harder and harder to survive in ministry. Dare I say the church is distracted with secondary issues? Isaiah 58 gives us a good look at the desirable fast which is the heart of the Lord. Therefore….needs are not met and Christ is not seen… for we have now forsaken the first things…She and the other volunteers clothe.. for free.. many many people in the area who are without while also feeding about 80 meals a day 2-3 days a week with very little help and funds. Thankfully, the Lord offered a song of encouragement for her heart. I also had the incredible blessing of meeting a brother in Christ from Zambia. He is attending the local seminary. His worship was beautiful and it was a delight to worship with him! The most precious was when the Lord showed me the lonely sparrow on the rooftop which David spoke of in his psalm. This precious servant of the King left 5 sisters and family back home and was now far from them for the sake of Christ. It touched my heart deeply to remind him the sparrow had also found it’s home near the altar of the Lord in Psalm 84 ….His eye really is on the sparrow. You guys should check him out at Joe Simalonda 

Sunday night I headed to Chandler, Texas at a church who was ministering to the seniors and the youth. Truly all ages were present. I found myself wrestling fully with Jesus over my playlist..for it seems every song He desired was slow and ministered entirely to the broken of heart. In my human reasoning I felt it unwise to not include an upbeat song initially….yet the Lord had His own way. Again I am thankful and humbled at His knowing of each heart as I saw the softening of hearts…the tears begin to roll…and my own heart couldn’t wait to hug them when I stepped off the platform. I couldn’t praise Him enough when I drove home that He would send me to them and meet uniquely the heart needs of His people. The most cherished moment was as I pondered a road I turned on as I headed to the church. The street was called “Broad Street.” Quickly I recalled Matthew 7…the broad road and the narrow one. As I marked my Bible to be sure I wouldn’t forget this captivating street I glanced down to it as a last word for the people.

Matthew 7:13Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.…

As the Pastor and I visited after the evening he let me know it was the passage he preached on that very Sunday morning. Halleluyah! Lord give us ears to hear at each turn…for each audience has a unique need and message to the bleeding heart. My heart was full again even in the weariness. God is most tender. I am reminded often of the lovingkingness of our Father. Fitting isn’t it? 2 separate words in our dictionary…but when it comes to Christ…we get the two all in ONE:)

I pray you love Him today….because He surely loves you…

Love Much,