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Mission Report- Home Gathering

I wish I could put into words the loveliness of this past Wednesday morning:) I was invited to minister at a home Bible Study hosted by a couple from our church. The interesting thing was God had been putting before me “house concerts.” It seems He is desiring a very intimate time with hearts. We set up my modest little system with no microphone…the Lord had me leave it behind. A room full of neighbors who meet weekly came together…just precious to hear of the flyers that had been distributed to invite others.

I received many hugs and introductions as each came in and the meeting began with prayer requests, etc. It was a beautiful thing as I shared my heart, music, and poetry as God called it forward. I had confessed to them that the Lord sent me with absolutely NO word. I had no idea what I was to say on this particular gathering. Yet, as I listened to the prayer requests and heard them visit prior to my time of ministry..the Lord would show me the need. As I opened my mouth….lol…He filled it..truly! No exaggeration! His word would come forth and the guests would interact with me and share as well so it was such a glimpse of the Acts church I was absolutely blessed. There were times they would speak into me…although I was there to speak into them:) How beautiful His body really is.

I had brought them the Resurrection album as gifts and many asked for extras for neighbors who were unable to make the meeting. I was thrilled. This is the only reason Christ births such gifts…that they might then go to “work” after we are long gone. These sweet people knew exactly how to multiply the Kingdom!

I was so full of joy all the way home that I asked the Lord to give me more home meetings.:)))))))))))) His answer was to begin to move outside the buildings. He had already answered me in a previous poem I had posted called The Door is Closing a few days prior.

Friends…move out…be creative..He will show you where to go..but you do have to be willing to do that which may not seem normal.

Go out into all your world:)

Love Much,