Pat Self & Cindy Haning pictured with Shelly
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Report: Mission Field

18319305_821739894649178_8502069733906312661_oThis past Saturday at Lone Star Church in Tyler, Texas, we had our very first women’s conference called, “When the Heart Cries.”  I was honored to minister with 2 women with amazing history with the Lord Jesus. I felt it so critical in this hour that we hear from the Mothers of Israel in our midst. Those who have gone before us and have stories to share that breathe wisdom and faith with a life with the Holy Spirit.  The church is in a dying state and we must listen once again to the Saints who have been with Christ longer. They have so much to bring to our generation and it was a burden of mine to allow them to speak into our lives. We have at large dismissed this wisdom for a younger, seemingly more hip mindset…yet the power of the Spirit is not present often in such. My heart is to return to that which Christ always intended for His church. I was honored to serve with them while also gleaning from their lives with Him.

As we each shared experiences of life with Christ, the trials and tribulations, and the deeper life of suffering with Him….we pondered the breaking of the alabaster flask. For it was the breaking that filled the room with such a lovely fragrance. It was after Christ lifted up the fish and the loaves and broke them that the multitude was actually fed….and it was at the breaking of the bread that the disciples finally recognized Christ after walking with him unknowingly after His resurrection.

Ministers Pat Self and Ann Orr Pictured with Shelly

I saw songs I would not have normally chosen pierce with love. As I saw a kleenex pulled from the center of the table I realized Jesus has planted a dear song for a friend who had lost her daughter in a car accident…Eye is on the Sparrow was her favorite song…I was as caught off guard by this as she was…and barely could I continue at how Jesus came to her in this moment.

Another broken heart as Christ sent The Rose in reminder of a sister who had passed away…but The Rose was her favorite song…I wept remembering that I almost pulled this song last minute not understanding God’s heart…..but He didn’t allow me to have my way. Oh, thank you Lord…

Our Sunday School class visited on cloud 9 Sunday morning telling one another stories of God reports and how their hearts had bonded with many at the gathering. Intimacy is what Jesus is after. Nothing else. We simply do not need anything extra…just Jesus…

We spent much time talking about life in the Spirit and that this is what it’s like! Yielding to Him as He desires a specific work, knows each face that will arrive, and we must remove hindrances that would cause no flexibility with Him…we also all recognized a holy hush in a certain moment…and it was breathtaking….

we were strengthened….renewed…and joyful to move deeper into the heart of Christ….and so very thankful that God uses mere men and our weaknesses to bring Himself glory and to touch hearts in need of mending..

As I called to check on another who had attended ..she tearfully replied…”I left there today feeling so loved by Jesus..”

I dare say…we all fell in love again with the Savior…