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Mission Report: Fairfield, Tx

There are always many beautiful things I want to share after each trip…this one is no different. First let me share a couple of little confirmations Christ was so kind to give me after we arrived Saturday am to prepare for the day.

First, when we got there Friday night to setup and rehearse, the tables were all decorated with peacock feathers…. in the past few years it is a message for me from the Lord …but also one of the poems I was sharing that day was called…” The Little Peacock.” :) The last women’s conference I did again..the leadership team blessed me with a bouquet of real peacock feathers…not knowing it was the Lord speaking to me..

2nd a precious woman began to share her heart and I asked her how the Lord talked with her since He speaks in a language we each understand…she replied..” through nature..” I grinned…because the poems He put on my heart to share were once again about His birds..The Silenced Sparrow, The Swallow, The Little Peacock, The Little Bird, The Eagles teaching.

I noticed quickly my eyes would rest upon this one sweet lady. She was writing feverishly at times. I knew the Lord was working with her. As I tenderly shared how God helped me walk through a trying season I could see the tears. Later she visited my table and I confessed that I was unable to take my eyes off of her..which usually means the Lord is pointing someone out. Her words blessed me..but also broke my heart. She said..”listening to you is like looking in the mirror…” I walked away rejoicing and a bit weepy over His mercy of using the valley seasons to help others. Fruit…remains..

Many came up touched by cancer either in their bodies or someone they knew that they wanted to stand in the gap for…and the ladies prayed over them….for strength…for hope…for healing. We are united in heart…

One of the most precious to this heart of mine was finding out that the sweet man running our sound all day said…”I came to help never thinking I would get anything out of today….but you both (Kerri Crocker and I were together on this trip) ministered to me all day long.

There were many tears during the day..as well as many laughs”) But one thing that was sure…Jesus kept us…

Please keep praying …..as we continue to go where He leads.

Love Much,