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Reflections & News as we move into 2017…

Hi Friends,

I just wanted to write a note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I pray so much you are soaking up every ounce of Jesus daily. He is so faithful to show me new things about delights and treasures in His Word and heart. Let me share with you where we are heading with Him in this 2017 new year…after a bit of pondering together:)


As I was praying this morning, I asked the Lord to make me abundantly fruitful in the coming days. It may sound odd to you…it did when I heard it come out of my mouth as well:)…but I said “Lord, make me like an octopus with many tentacles reaching out to people through many creative avenues.” I was praying fervently…but I laughed out loud at myself when this poured out of my heart. I think He was smiling too:) He does delight in our zeal for Kingdom work when it’s His heart.

For the past few days He has continued to put before me in many different ways a certain scripture:

16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  James 5:16

While I have certainly had to walk through the necessity of the first portion of this the latter portion stirs within me. There are some critically and purposed gems in this power packed word.


to be active, efficient:—to be mighty in, shew forth self, to work, to put forth power


  1. having or displaying a passionate intensity.
  2. synonyms: impassioned, passionate, intense, heartfelt, sincere


  1. to have (or exercise) force (literally or figuratively):—be able, avail, can do(-not), could, be good, might, prevail, be of strength, be whole, + much work.

I find sometimes my prayers are merely shallow ritual. Repeated jargon where my heart is simply not really connected with the Lord. Yet He tells us the kind of prayers that prevail are the effectual and fervent ones. I find the more desperate my heart …..the more desperate my praying… which He seems to draw so tangibly near as they are uttered. I find He really isnt always pleased with my passive praying. He does desire us to wield the sword, pray in faith, and exercise our authority in Christ. This type of praying shows Him our trust and faith in Him. Many times I find myself simply praying in a state of unbelief. Oh, I wouldn’t necessarily notice it or call it that until He puts His finger on it..nor would you..but once you have been in the wilderness and find the meaning of what “fervent” looks like….you know there is a huge difference.

Many times in His Word He responds to a CRY… you will see the significance of this for me personally as you continue reading. May this encourage you to chase the rabbits with Jesus…you never know many times where He is taking you until you take one step..then another..then another. Don’t overlook the details..He orders every step!


The rest of the year for me will be a time of seeking the Lord deeply as we approach the new year. He really is calling His people to pray. How will we know direction if we never commune with Him. All travel halts to refocus on what He desires and He has been speaking very much. There must be a ceasing of striving I’ve noticed in my own life in order to be refilled with His Spirit. In the coming days I will be preparing to move my ministry office into Lone Star Church in Tyler, Texas to operate on the 3rd floor. It will be such a blessing to be centrally located to meet with the sweet hearts that long for time to share their needs and dreams with Jesus. In this will be a wonderful opportunity to listen to many and encourage them in their God given dreams.

As we ventured up stairs after church to look for the perfect room, the Lord beautifully chose a room for me with a room number that signifies “to raise a cry” . He is so purposed in all things. This seems more than appropriate since much that the Lord has entrusted to me surely is a heralding in its varying forms.

After discussions with my friend, Hunter Logan, in Louisiana, we have begun to prepare with him at HLE Radio for an expansion of the From My Closet to Yours radio show which will be housed within the walls of the new space at Lone Star Church. The space will allow me more room for preparing the publications and creating a radio station location for guests to be able and join me.

Please know I covet your prayers very much as I transition into a new ministry home in preparation for more Kingdom work.  There is much in line to publish in the coming days, many news songs stirring once again, and many who need a listening ear to voice the dreams Christ has placed within them each. February welcomes the Lord sending me back out to minister on the mission field. May we obey fully and love deeply that all men may know we are His disciples. I would ask you to pray for increased faith, strength, and health, as well as discernment to hear and see clearly the heart of the Lord in it all. May your Christmas be consumed with Christ…and may you pursue Him passionately…surrendering all for His glory…

Love Much,