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Rebuild the Ruins in progress for publication

Baptism of the Holy SpiritI have waited sometime for the Lord to release me to tell a most beautiful story. A story that forever changed my life with Christ. It was the day when He sent me what I had heard for years called the baptism of the Holy Spirit…the enduement of power sent for service. There was much leading to that very day and He has gently guided me on how to share the story in a way that might leave a legacy likened to the saints of old…which is my most heart felt prayer. It was a most cherished moment with the Lord where He would mercifully override all my previous rooted beliefs on the Holy Spirit and His spiritual gifts. Of course I was in the deepest valley of my life thus I was empty and lost of heart which I believe for me was a critical necessity in order for Him to come visit me in such a way. I often wondered through my years why such extensive discussion was given the Holy Spirit in the Word and the deep meaning of His dispersed gifts if we would rarely approach the topic within our churches. I believe the Lord has answered that question for me …yet that is for another time.

Our stories are so important…we must leave them behind for generations who will come after us. I recall the many books and biographies that have strengthened my faith from Dave Wilkerson, Leonard Ravenhill, DL Moody, Jim Cymbala, Watchman Nee, Oswald Chambers, FB Meyer, Carter Conlon, Teresa Conlon, Jackie Pullinger, and countless other named and unknown missionaries who were courageous enough to share their stories in a way that loved people to a deeper walk with Christ. Back then it was a glorious privilege to give a testimony of when you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. These testimonies are critical in this hour to recover what the enemy has stolen from the body of Christ. Also, if we should withhold authentic stories then much depravity and disillusionment is given over to that which has been a false manifestation and misrepresentation of the Holy Spirit. Fear has been allowed to reign in this area and rendered us silent..yet Christ desires to rebuild the ruins in this season and time in history…

I always felt something in the teaching I received over my life was simply “rote” rather than “complete” compared to that which I read in the Word of God and graciously gleaned in the life of the disciples as they walked with Christ. I also wondered often why I was the way I was in some areas and seemed peculiar in a few ways that were often misunderstood by others, as well as myself. I have learned it’s Christ and His uniqueness in us each..and I have learned to love that in others. I have also learned that we must desire the spiritual gifts…as Paul implored. For we must in this hour discern flesh verses Spirit and earnestly pray for that which will strengthen the Church today. We have become a church built on talent rather than gifts of the Spirit…two entirely different things. While both He will use…one brings incredible life to a moment, situation, or person in a way that is from the divine throne. It’s this operation we are most thirsty for today.

My writings will soon be complete and headed to print that which will share a most intimate moment I had with my sweet Savior. Because of it I was able to read scripture very differently..for I was no longer bound to my own understanding or experience and just reading the text. The beauty in His Word is often overlooked in the little things due to our “up bringing.” Yet, if we dare not take another look we might walk underneath that which Christ desires us to have at His appointed time and truly will not be as effective as He desires us to be in service. For the traditions of man really do cause His word to be of no effect.  A rather powerful statement if you dare to ponder.

In an effort to walk in the Word, the booklet will include scriptures that helped me as the Lord began to teach me more about the Holy Spirit and His baptism thereof. I also answer questions of how it’s changed my relationship and working with the Lord on a daily basis in ministry. I included this because I always wished there was someone who I could have asked many questions to who would give me an honest answer without coercion involved. Also because I have heard the argument of those “I’m satisfied with all I have and do not need any more…” Yet if the Lord would allow me to give a glimpse of the significance to our work that rests upon the Spirit within us, I promise you… will yearn for the more. It is His gift to us and quite a necessity to our callings.  I also remember reading many many testimonies of other Saints aforementioned who shared there personal testimony of their own baptism experience and the elements surrounding the blessing. It would do us much good to simply return to the Saints of old in prayer, teaching, and things of the Spirit.

I can tell you my experience was nothing short of holy and beautiful…gentle and precious…and supernatural. Many will continue to try to explain away the workings of the Holy Spirit by fleshly reasonings that are simply grievous to the Lord. But I am here to share with you that His work is a necessity and alive and well in the earth today. The work of the Spirit will be a necessity to prepare His people for coming tribulation. It is not an extension of the gospel or any sort of an addition to it…for it has always remained within the gospel message itself from the very beginning. To avoid it would be to withhold the Word of the Lord from His people and for that we are sorely rebuked.

I would ask for prayer covering as we finish this project Rebuild the Ruins and that the Lord would continue to direct me and those involved in it’s completion.  I am most grateful that He continues to gently teach me that which I could never know apart from Him and His great love.






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