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Report: Mission Field

There are days my heart can only be thankful, and even tearful, that He lets me comfort the broken hearts…and that He allows me to serve and honor them by pointing them to Him🌸
I spent the day with Compassionate Friends of Tyler,a support group organization that helps and gathers families who have lost children. I had some beautiful conversations with sweet people in the midst of their grief and memories of loss. Yet the Holy Spirit was such a wonderful comforter once again.
You may not can see the butterflies as they are released in the pictures below  but it was exquisite💕….but let me tell you of a personal moment with Christ in the midst…and how while on others you call…He doesn’t pass you (or me) by..
They handed me a butterfly to release in honor of someone I knew so as I was pondering this Jesus reminded me of the miscarriage I had many years ago….it wasn’t fresh on my mind but it surely was on His…. that I would not forget I have another child waiting on me when I enter Heaven…what an unexpected treasure…
God blessed me so as several stopped me to tell me how each song specifically touched their hearts. I was sitting through the service listening to siblings read poems of the siblings they now missed and also the beautiful music of Sam Smith as he shared a song about his daughter whom he lost at 16 years of age. I was thankful the Lord kept me from tearfully delivering the songs…because I knew it was critical they hear every lyric of Hush Little Baby and Eye is on the Sparrow. I knew there likely were many in our midst who may not know Christ as of yet. I had asked Him to draw them to Himself and let them hear Him…singing over them. He was faithful.
I was so moved as the Lord whispered to me after I finished…”again you see now the fruit of your own valleys.” I thought I could burst into tears in mid service at the goodness of God in His bigger plan. I would have nothing to offer them should my valleys with Him had never come to be.
May you know that the dark nights of the soul will send you where you could have never gone to  tend hearts in need…and may we be able to embrace that which is given us by His hand so that we may minister to many others who will soon come into a place of need….a need that only Jesus can fill….