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Keep Your Crown On

There are times when you might be tempted to forget who you are in Christ. The enemy will try every avenue that is dearest to your heart to cause you to forfeit your royal inheritance and God given destiny…yet whether you forget it or not…it is still in place and can never be removed…it is there for the asking. You will be tempted to fight back when you should will ask God if you can quit…and you can not…you will sit under a broom tree like Elijah and long for death to come…and likely it will not….or you can decide at each turn..I will keep my crown on. It is a reminder I am dropping for the enemy daily in this season. No matter what comes….I’m keeping my crown on…and all that comes with it:)
There’s a certain moment when the enemy strikes
That you’ll have to be still and then decide…
To Keep Your Crown On...
He’ll come in a whisper when you least expect
“You will be nothing…a nobody… oh yes…”
Just Keep Your Crown On…
You’ll even have nightmares as Satan comes near
To remind you the pains of the past that brought tears
…Keep Your Crown On
At times you’ll be weary and tired of the fight
You’ll wake in the day and pray till the night
Lord, Help me Keep My Crown On…
You’ll have a great test and massive dark storms
You’ll cry in your closet and perhaps lock the door
But Keep Your Crown On…
You may have some flashbacks and PTSD
The healing may tarry
You’ll shout and you’ll scream
Just Keep Your Crown On…
At times you’ll be walking utterly alone
When Christ separates you from a familiar home
Do Keep Your Crown On…
On days some may mock you and slander your name
Causing you harm
And bringing you rain
Keep ….Your ….Crown …On…
When the floods come
And waters do rise
When you think your drowning
You’ll be soon surprised
You Still Have Your Crown On…;-)
When Satan does set the perfect iron trap
When your caught off guard
Till Comes the loud snap…
And when the tide turns
And the calm settles in
When peace like a river
Does blow a sweet wind…
When the sun starts to peek out
Above all the clouds
Remember His promise
And Keep On Your Crown…
May 18, 2017