Do not despise
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His Garden

I was driving through Mississippi to a ministry time when the rain began to pour. Not particularly fond of driving in the rain, I complained…and asked the Lord to stay the rain. Very quickly I heard these words..”do not despise my rain dear child….”

Of course I was driving so I could not pull over where I was to write His message beginning to come into my heart and spirit. Yet, He caused me to remember it. I forgot I had recorded it into my phone on my trip and left it untouched…until I found it once again today.

Our Father does communicate with us daily…in big things and little things. His wisdom also has purpose in all things…we can certainly trust His timing and reasons of the heart…

His Garden

Do not despise my rain dear child
For thirsty is my grass
My flower’s blooms now need a drink
And I need them to last.

Seeds are planted and shall die in vain
If rain I do not send
So do not despise my rain dear child
My garden today I tend.

I’m sorry, Lord, I do forget
And selfish I can be
Most my days I ask for sun
Forgetting your garden’s needs.

The tender reeds will remain bruised
If they do go unquenched
I shall not despise my Father’s heart
Nor the rain that you do send.