Welcome to my online journal and poetic messages. I pray that you may glean sweet pearls from my love affair with Christ. He has been my knight in shining armor and my dearest friend. My times with Him over the years have changed…as I go deeper with Him. At times you will read of my own heart towards Him and at other times you will read of messages His heart is giving me for His people. This is simply His way with me… It is only in the quiet of the closet time with Him that we learn His way with us intimately. It’s the place where we share our hearts with Him and He shares His heart with us. It’s where the Holy Spirit reveals our Father’s will to us. I have learned over the years the life in the Spirit which Christ speaks of in His Word…yet I am still learning. His Word is so beautifully active…yet I see many with all the knowledge in the world…yet no life in the Spirit. Coming to the cross of Christ to surrender is a most beautiful and essential step to eternal life…yet many stop at the cross. Let us not forget…He rose again. There is more with Christ….do not settle at your moment of saving grace…for it is then that your journey with Him has only just begun.



Seduced By Another Voice

Seduced By Another Voice There’s a rage sweeping the nations Particularly the USA. A casualness towards God Almighty Indifference of His ways. This too it happened to David When seduced by the enemy’s voice. Taking a casual census Where pride did cause a great storm. It started as just a little whisper Then spiritual pride […]


There is a God

There is a God There is a God I’ve come to know Whose gripped me from my head to toes Who walks with me with daily bread Who steers me well with whispers said. A God whose heard by those who are His Today He speaks as much as He ever did Yet many may […]


The Honest Heart

There’s the moment when the honest heart Pours out all it’s grief. The anger, pain, and tears For God does honor these. Do understand His heart For He is for honesty And though we tantrum well He starts to mend all things. When the words are religious fluff And seem to be pristine A problem […]



Do you arise to find yourself Surrounded at every pass? Unable to see a way out From the terror of Satan’s wrath? Poor Elisha was yet the same When an army stood on the hill Yet He saw the mighty unseen The Heavenly host that stood still. Dear one, ask the Lord for the eyes […]


The Release

There’s a moment when in prayer That you suddenly realize The Lord has let you go And released you for your flight. When pains of the past bow low Even when they still reside For freedom does now ring And cancels the enemy’s plight. His love has filled the holes And sealed the wounds real […]


The First Rain Drop

Echoes do resound And vibrate in the hills Warring angels roam Waiting for His seal Many now sent out Warnings now proclaimed Few with ears to hear Of coming judgement days. Did Noah grieve of heart For his ridicule? Zealously at work What the Lord said do. Please oh hear me now The day it […]


The Door is Closing

As I was walking today with the Lord I rounded the corner and He allowed me to see a concrete door..much like a floodgate…not a regular door. It was lowering and cutting of the waters that poured behind it. The door was almost closed..then I received this poem. Use what you have been given to […]


The Daughters

It was a beautiful day for a walk today and as I rounded the bend I heard the Lord begin to speak to me. I sat down in the middle of our sweet cemetery to focus..and soon He sent a man in need of love and prayer…I wept for some time at His goodness. He […]


Nevertheless..At Your Word…

I was taken with Luke 5 today as I was preparing for this coming weekend of ministry. My pondering ended up once again on paper in my time with Him. Take some time to go look at this story in The Word.  So many nuggets hidden within..I could go on for some time at all […]


Ponder the Path of Thy Feet

Ponder the path of thy feet Where do they taketh thee? To places so dark Or thoughts of deceit Ponder the path of thy feet. Ponder the path of thy feet Are they ever slow to obey Thee? Do they rebel Thy Holiness trail Ponder the place of thy feet. Ponder the place of thy […]


The Water Lilies

I was journaling this morning my week before the Lord talking to Him about things on my heart. As I wrote my thoughts I began to write “I’m still not sure what the Lord is doing but I seem to step onto one water lily before the next one appears.” When I wrote this I […]


The Power of Position

I was reading a book not too long ago from a great evangelist from many years ago. There were many good points to his book but one that I probably highlighted, underlined, and drew an oversized heart beside was something to this effect: we can have even the power of the Spirit which has anointed […]


The Escape Route

What if the Heaven’s shut up Solomon ponders so… A question worthy of thought Today as storm clouds blow. For Christ has given a path One of safety and escape But we will have to choose This path that we must take. He gave it pretty clear For His people by which are named As […]


Let His Glory Fall

There’s a kind of Glory that falls Where shackles are then unbound Where professionalism is lost And men no longer proud Where one may lay prostrate While others with lifted hands No program…no routine When Glory falls on man. There’s a Kind of Glory that falls We seem in the church to have lost For […]


In the Cleft

There is a place one must go Where stones are cut so deep A hidden place where darkness rests Within a rocky scene. A place where Moses dared to go To watch the Lord pass by A place alone just you and He It’s where His voice resides. A shield formed by majestic hands Where […]


If These Keep Silent

He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” Luke 19:40   “If These Keep Silent” If you had known what was left yours The peaceful hearts, the joy filled tours The safety yours on My command The sweet embrace of Heaven’s hands. I come afresh and walk beside […]


His Power Seen and Heard

At times you’ll close your eyes And listen really close You’ll hear the Father call The wind from its dear home. A rush of sound is heard From the rustling of the leaves And in an instant know His power is heard and seen. A smile will start to form For He is making known […]