Welcome to my online journal and poetic messages. I pray that you may glean sweet pearls from my love affair with Christ. He has been my knight in shining armor and my dearest friend. My times with Him over the years have changed…as I go deeper with Him. At times you will read of my own heart towards Him and at other times you will read of messages His heart is giving me for His people. This is simply His way with me… It is only in the quiet of the closet time with Him that we learn His way with us intimately. It’s the place where we share our hearts with Him and He shares His heart with us. It’s where the Holy Spirit reveals our Father’s will to us. I have learned over the years the life in the Spirit which Christ speaks of in His Word…yet I am still learning. His Word is so beautifully active…yet I see many with all the knowledge in the world…yet no life in the Spirit. Coming to the cross of Christ to surrender is a most beautiful and essential step to eternal life…yet many stop at the cross. Let us not forget…He rose again. There is more with Christ….do not settle at your moment of saving grace…for it is then that your journey with Him has only just begun.



It’s Time To Breathe Again

Dear Christ in all His tenderness Does come on weighted winds To nudge His sorrowed little lambs It’s time to breathe again… For long it’s been to find thyself And much,oh much, was lost But now the God of Recompense Says, “I have seen the cost.” Soon my child there comes a shift And all […]


A Moment with Jesus

I was praying this morning and asked the Lord to give me His heart and mind….I honestly placed before Him a fear of moving in my own agenda more often than in His.   I carefully poured out a heart desire to have a heart that could also be pricked, poked, and pierced yet still […]



We walk through our days with heads somewhat buried in the sand at that which the enemy has become so successful at. We live as if every person present in time is sent by the Lord when in all actuality the enemy has sent some as well. We fear the challenge of backing away and […]


A Moment with Jesus…

As I sit in my wilderness closet I find peace among the birds singing ever so uniquely. There must be many lifting up their voices all at once, yet with a distinct sound all their own. As I decided to have a morning of only praising Him, I found an old unction that I confess […]


The Tiny Hindrances

There is a moment with Christ when He enlightens your heart to the grief of your own sin. We likely blanket our praying with a simple prayer of repentance when Christ is desiring you to face them one by one. There is a sickness of soul that overcomes you as He rewinds the tape in […]


Loving Deeply With Jesus

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It’s always difficult for a mercy heart as we walk this journey with Jesus. For we love so very deeply and often get wounded much. I’ve spent countless hours with the Lord on this very topic as I hear many voices sharing in this hour of pain. I received a late call this week while […]


Chase the Lion

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I have pondered for weeks a passage of scripture. My Sunday school class received the outpouring of all God had placed in my heart…chase the lion. I have written on this a bit and still it is deeply stirring in my heart. For far too long we have run from the darkness..when Christ calls us […]


Butterfly, Butterfly

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Butterfly, butterfly spread your wings It’s time that you shall fly. The pain of your birth and the length of the wait Is now to you behind. Keep now My pace and look just ahead For desires of your heart will be fulfilled  Even some sweet surprises so grand You never even imagined them. Enjoy […]



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Captive is this heart  To obey Thy Word’s commands Oh, help me Spirit of God Crucify this fleshly man. For love it must pour out In a way that aligns just so For every Word of Truth Arouses a slumbering soul. Keep me O’ God so near  From selfish and adulterous ways That steal the […]


Will You Weep

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I was driving to church when I heard the Lord say, “will you weep?” Soon a melody followed with some verses….I had been praying about His heart for outreach and the needs of people….and how we could reach more…I believe this was His answer to my prayers… Please follow and like us:



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Do you have left any “wonder” At the majestic King of Kings The way He speaks to humans And is so mindful of everything?   Do you still gaze at stars in the night time And praise Him for beauties beheld Or has your life become wanting No notice of love that swells.   Just […]


A Soft Rain

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I spent the morning on my back porch today. It was a beautiful morning to move my prayer closet outside and listen in a new place. Soon I looked up to see a most gentle and soft rain falling. It wasn’t making much sound but the birds began to have a time together. They were […]


The Uprising

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There’s coming a mighty uprising One seen in the days of old When Christ was performing His miracles And mocked by the men in robes.   When knowledge was merely knowledge And the text was read unto death When Christ would show His glory And mocked as a devil instead.   There’s stirring deception from […]


The Threshing Floor

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Have you found yourself on the threshing floor? Bruised and battered and sore? For the Potter has placed His hand on you Preparing you now with His sword.   Before you will become a great leader He will take you on a journey that lames To burn up the chaff that is hidden Before this […]


I’m Still Here

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Every warrior of Christ faces adversity.  The enemy does not allow you a breath between battles. Yet, when faith does arise in one’s heart strings you’ll declare… I’m still here… You may barely rise from the ashes When another tsunami blows in But anchor your sword down deeply Brace yourself in the wind. And declare… […]


His Presence

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Some may run after power And others for positions of wealth Many who desire notoriety And a few just simply for self.   The world may honor some diplomas And the church may well do the same But Christ is looking for His “Davids” Whose pursuit is simply His face.   The hearts who will […]


The Power of a Pause

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There’s a silence with a lasting impression It is the mark of a paramount pause Where noise briefly lost to the hearer Is as loud as a huge waterfall.   It’s the 400 years of the white page Between the New Testament and Old Where the Word of the Lord was quiet And men were […]


When The Shofar Calls

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I want to be bold and brave, Lord Yet, fearful I am that I’m not. For as the time is nearing The darkness crowds in a lot.   So many deceived by spirits From religious to lying tongues Soon your throne will direct then The shofar calling heralds to run.   Oh many will crush […]


When God Calls

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When God calls you not everyone will believe, celebrate, or support you. There will be times you desire affirmations from people, yet most often you will meet fierce opposition. This is where the enemy will pull out all the stops to cause you to quit or doubt yourself. You may try to lay it down…. […]


Keep Your Crown On

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There are times when you might be tempted to forget who you are in Christ. The enemy will try every avenue that is dearest to your heart to cause you to forfeit your royal inheritance and God given destiny…yet whether you forget it or not…it is still in place and can never be removed…it is […]