Welcome to my online journal and poetic messages. I pray that you may glean sweet pearls from my love affair with Christ. He has been my knight in shining armor and my dearest friend. My times with Him over the years have changed…as I go deeper with Him. At times you will read of my own heart towards Him and at other times you will read of messages His heart is giving me for His people. This is simply His way with me… It is only in the quiet of the closet time with Him that we learn His way with us intimately. It’s the place where we share our hearts with Him and He shares His heart with us. It’s where the Holy Spirit reveals our Father’s will to us. I have learned over the years the life in the Spirit which Christ speaks of in His Word…yet I am still learning. His Word is so beautifully active…yet I see many with all the knowledge in the world…yet no life in the Spirit. Coming to the cross of Christ to surrender is a most beautiful and essential step to eternal life…yet many stop at the cross. Let us not forget…He rose again. There is more with Christ….do not settle at your moment of saving grace…for it is then that your journey with Him has only just begun.



En Route

“En Route” -on or along the way- You never know what lies ahead very often. Yet you are “en route” to a destination. I surely never thought my route would have so many twists and turns and quite so many heart wrenching detours. Yet, I have seen the goodness of the Lord at every turn […]


Help Me to Hear…

There is a tangible sound when Christ arrives on the scene. Its often not “sound” as we know it but in the Spirit you know it when it comes. It’s merely Him getting your attention.  He says often in His word… “You have ears but do not hear..”  His coming can be swift like the […]


Teach Me

Teach me not to be the first But pleased to be the least. I care not for position Lord Only tenderly to tend Thy sheep. Teach me O Lord to offer blessings Upon those who give scorn To open doors for others Lord Even when I’m shunned and torn. Teach not how to fill a […]


Seek First

Seek First His kingdom and righteousness And destiny will be added unto you. Seek First His kingdom and righteousness And provision will be added unto you. Seek First His kingdom and righteousness And healing will be added unto you. Seek First His kingdom and righteousness And power will be added unto you. Seek First His […]


Cleanse Me

Cleanse me Lord of all iniquities That I may hear You well. Cleanse me Lord of self righteous unrighteousness Where pride in me does swell.   Cleanse me Lord of every transgression That I may with You dwell. Cleanse me Lord of all my sin That deeper I may sail.   Cleanse me Lord of […]


Wave the Flag

I see in my minds eye an interesting scene The flying of a flag A bunker where my soul does rest My sweat does soak thick rags. My fighting it seems I thought so well Yet now I see in full The war now raging in my heart Is a wrestling with The Truth. I […]


Go the Distance

A moment comes to call it quits When Satan deploys his hoards. When all seems lost as voices ring Just “hang it up” of course. When weariness does seep down deep And bones and muscles ache. You’ll have to fight the heavenly war Resisting Satan’s ways. Gain Thy strength in the secret place Where Christ […]


Draw Back the Curtain

This poem the Lord stirred after sitting with a precious one seeking answers about Jesus and His ways. It came rather quickly of this one’s “experience with the church.” She found little love in the body of Christ as a youngster trying to find her way. I cried all the way home and until I […]


Your Kindest of Ways

I had the privilege of sitting with a few broken hearts this past week. Each time I felt complete inadequacy to help them so I would whisper, “Lord, help me help them..” There were moments when my knowledge would want to share one thing…but the Lord would give me clear direction on what each heart […]


The Rise

 I have witnessed such harshness on social media lately. Brethren turning on other brethren, questioning every word they say, etc. I am one for truth no doubt; however, I also know where I came from and how easily we can misunderstand people. I would so hate people to pick me apart. If you look long […]


The Door

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I spent the day being reminded of my first calling…”seek first His Kingdom and righteousness….then ALL will be added…” I have been looking for a door….The Door. The Lord kept nudging me about a door. It may seem odd but nonetheless..He kept saying there was a door. This door I felt would meet needs for […]


A “Motherless” Generation

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There is a paramount need That Christ does surely see A many without a home Who suffer life alone. But centuries long ago Deborah, a mother, arose To tend the needy hearts Of Israels little flock. Where now are Mothers indeed For today is a great great need For the older women now to rise […]


When Gods People Sleep

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Going to Church is a lovely thing. It’s a time of gathering for worship and honoring Christ. However, it does not always represent a life sold out for Christ. Often it is merely a ritual of doing what is right in man’s eyes. Many come never desiring or expecting an encounter with a living God. […]


The Sound of Worship

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When lost in His presence there’s a sound. It arises from one’s heart in deep resound. When tears drop a melodic crystal that crown Then His heart inside of you begins to pound. It’s a beckoning of a princess to her King… The rehearsal of her becoming His treasured Queen. And once you close your […]


Running from the Rain

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There is nothing more hindering than a religious spirit and this is why the scriptures tell us that “the traditions of man cause the Word to be of no effect.” There are areas in our lives we must allow Christ to sift and place His finger on. It’s amazing what our upbringing leaves as a […]


Oceans & Seas

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Oh precious Lord indeed I’ve only for little believed For I have asked for streams When oceans are reserved for me. A little did seem like a lot So little I expected of Thee And little was mere unbelief  And Your heart was caused to bleed. Forgive me, Lord, for lack of faith For it […]


Pull the Pin

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The Lord gave me a vision today in prayer as the thunder and rain started to fall …He then gave me a beautiful song called “Fall Like Rain” as I saw a cloud distinctly break open on individual hearts. The lyrics just flowed beautifully as I grabbed my phone to record such a sweet and […]


The Chosen Tool

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There is a tool you must embrace As you draw near to Christ. A tool that leaves a crimson stain A piercing of one’s side. For as He molds your precious life To reflect more of His face You will meet a sharpened tool Where suffering is it’s blade. You’ll walk the depths of valleys […]


It’s Time To Breathe Again

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Dear Christ in all His tenderness Does come on weighted winds To nudge His sorrowed little lambs It’s time to breathe again… For long it’s been to find thyself And much,oh much, was lost But now the God of Recompense Says, “I have seen the cost.” Soon my child there comes a shift And all […]


A Moment with Jesus

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I was praying this morning and asked the Lord to give me His heart and mind….I honestly placed before Him a fear of moving in my own agenda more often than in His.   I carefully poured out a heart desire to have a heart that could also be pricked, poked, and pierced yet still […]