To date, the Lord continues to give Shelly messages from His heart to publish under a division of Shelly Wilson Ministries International known fondly as 3:20 Publishing. Her heart is not as much to “pursue” the publishing of magazines or books but rather to pursue Christ and willingly publish that which He has on His own heart. In this, she has learned to publish that which He directs at His appointed time. Shelly currently serves as publisher for Drama Queen Magazine, a publication by Refuge of Light for girls that helps support a home for girls rescued out of child sex trafficking. She also will launch internationally a new subscription based magazine for women due to unfold Fall 2016. Shelly’s heart is to give a voice to the many being used by God around the globe whom the world has never heard.

From Shelly:

“When the Lord gave me Ephesians 3:20  as I stepped into ministry with Him many years ago, music was all that was on my heart. At the time, I couldn’t see beyond that one heart desire.  I did not yet understand God’s ability and delight to stretch us, teach us, and breathe new seasons.  I find this is where much of our lack is in the body of Christ. We somehow “settle into” a “thing” with God instead of allowing Him to progressively grow us and call us from assignment to assignment. Many times I see Him pull out hidden gifts in His people that they never even knew were there. Only when we hold our days loosely and realize Christ is the orchestrator who directs each note and refrain will we live in His fullness. Each season, if we choose to embrace it, will take us from glory to glory with Christ.

Honestly, I have no prior experience in publishing and this was never in my sights or on my to-do list. Yet, one day the Lord said, “Make a magazine.”  With no understanding, resources, or wisdom from peers in the industry, I sat with Him and asked each question. Many days I ran to my closet several times a day when I did not know what to do next. The Holy Spirit would do His job and bring people to me or send me where I needed to go in order for me to complete His heart on a magazine.

God is always in the details, and He is quite the teacher as we sit with Him. Often, we turn to worldly means for assistance without realizing we have access to the best teacher of all, The Holy Spirit. It is why He was left for us. That He might teach us, and train us in the things of God. What joy comes in seeing Him birth a new thing! We often begin an adventure and ask the Lord to bless it, when actually we should wait for God to reveal His heart then join Him!”

You will find inspirational books by Shelly Wilson, as well as magazine options in the SWMI Store. All books and magazine issues we consider tools for sharing the goodness of the Lord and His voice to His people. Consider sharing these tools to encourage others in Christ today.




Isaiah 8:16-17 – 16 coinBind up the testimony; seal the teaching among my disciples. 17 I will wait for the Lord, who is hiding his face from the house of Jacob, and I will hope in him.