Drama Queen Magazine (Next Issue in Process)

We are in progress of putting together another Drama Queen Magazine issue and are excited to speak into the lives of girls in a language they understand. From Bible Study lessons to learning about the dangers of human trafficking, this issue will be jam packed with testimonies of the many ways God uses His girls of all ages.

We will also be including ways girls can be mobilized to make a difference in their own communities through simple and practical ways.

Moms, don’t worry you will not be left out! We have many stories of women in our magazine not only to speak from the older women to¬† the younger but also to encourage you that you also are called to a purpose in the Kingdom. We find that often as we become older, we get a bit lost and go through an identity crises. The Lord wants to awaken the little girl in you again.

NOTE!! Every gift of $50 or more will receive a copy upon publication and a signed Resurrection Album with it’s companion Songbook by Founder, Shelly Wilson while supplies last.




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