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Rebuild the Ruins in progress for publication

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I have waited sometime for the Lord to release me to tell a most beautiful story. A story that forever changed my life with Christ. It was the day when He sent me what I had heard for years called the baptism of the Holy Spirit…the enduement of power sent for service. There was much […]


We have take off..

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and we have take-off… Jennings, Louisiana I always enjoy my time in what seems to be a home away from home with HLE Radio in Jennings, Louisiana. To launch the new From My Closet to Yours radio show on Monday nights, I spent the morning of the launch as a guest with HLE Radio sharing […]


From My Closet to Yours Radio Show GIVE -A-WAY! TONIGHT!

Tonight at 8pm CST is the very first radio show From My Closet to Yours! Thanks to those who listened in live on HLE RADIO this am VERY EARLY!!!!! As promised this morning,THE FIRST 5 LISTENERS tonight after the 8pm show at who comment below on how the Lord ministered to them through the […]


New Music Single Coming in September!

In the next week or two will be the release of my new music single, Diamond in the Rough. You can hear more about this song by clicking on this VIDEO!   I am looking forward to hearts hearing the message Christ has given in this little song. May it remind you…He is working…and waiting […]


His Garden

I was driving through Mississippi to a ministry time when the rain began to pour. Not particularly fond of driving in the rain, I complained…and asked the Lord to stay the rain. Very quickly I heard these words..”do not despise my rain dear child….” Of course I was driving so I could not pull over […]


Report from the Mission Field-Rusk, Tx

It was a trying week prior to Saturday’s event. I was in and out of bed most of the week unsure whether I would even make the God’s Warrior Princess Women’s Conference. Many were praying and I was unsure whether it was the enemy or something I needed to see from the Lord. Finally the […]


The heavens declare…

Saturday morning after returning from several days of ministry in Louisiana and Mississippi I woke up as I heard these words: The heavens declare the glory of the Lord… I could not remember where this passage was in the Word so I had to go look it up. I thought I would share the full […]