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Latest News


Sweet Report from a Home Gathering

I wish I could put into words the loveliness of this past Wednesday morning:) I was invited to minister at a home Bible Study hosted by a couple from our church. The interesting thing was God had been putting before me “house concerts.” It seems He is desiring a very intimate time with hearts. We […]


Report from the Mission Field- Fairfield, Tx

There are always many beautiful things I want to share after each trip…this one is no different. First let me share a couple of little confirmations Christ was so kind to give me after we arrived Saturday am to prepare for the day. First, when we got there Friday night to setup and rehearse, the […]


Reflections & News as we move into 2017…

Hi Friends, I just wanted to write a note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I pray so much you are soaking up every ounce of Jesus daily. He is so faithful to show me new things about delights and treasures in His Word and heart. Let me share with you where […]


Rebuild the Ruins in progress for publication

I have waited sometime for the Lord to release me to tell a most beautiful story. A story that forever changed my life with Christ. It was the day when He sent me what I had heard for years called the baptism of the Holy Spirit…the enduement of power sent for service. There was much […]


We have take off..

and we have take-off… Jennings, Louisiana I always enjoy my time in what seems to be a home away from home with HLE Radio in Jennings, Louisiana. To launch the new From My Closet to Yours radio show on Monday nights, I spent the morning of the launch as a guest with HLE Radio sharing […]


From My Closet to Yours Radio Show GIVE -A-WAY! TONIGHT!

Tonight at 8pm CST is the very first radio show From My Closet to Yours! Thanks to those who listened in live on HLE RADIO this am VERY EARLY!!!!! As promised this morning,THE FIRST 5 LISTENERS tonight after the 8pm show at who comment below on how the Lord ministered to them through the […]


New Music Single Coming in September!

In the next week or two will be the release of my new music single, Diamond in the Rough. You can hear more about this song by clicking on this VIDEO!   I am looking forward to hearts hearing the message Christ has given in this little song. May it remind you…He is working…and waiting […]