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Seduced By Another Voice

Seduced By Another Voice There’s a rage sweeping the nations Particularly the USA. A casualness towards God Almighty Indifference of His ways. This too it happened to David When seduced by the enemy’s voice. Taking a casual census Where pride did cause a great storm. It started as just a little whisper Then spiritual pride […]


There is a God

There is a God There is a God I’ve come to know Whose gripped me from my head to toes Who walks with me with daily bread Who steers me well with whispers said. A God whose heard by those who are His Today He speaks as much as He ever did Yet many may […]


The Honest Heart

There’s the moment when the honest heart Pours out all it’s grief. The anger, pain, and tears For God does honor these. Do understand His heart For He is for honesty And though we tantrum well He starts to mend all things. When the words are religious fluff And seem to be pristine A problem […]


Sweet Report from a Home Gathering

I wish I could put into words the loveliness of this past Wednesday morning:) I was invited to minister at a home Bible Study hosted by a couple from our church. The interesting thing was God had been putting before me “house concerts.” It seems He is desiring a very intimate time with hearts. We […]



Do you arise to find yourself Surrounded at every pass? Unable to see a way out From the terror of Satan’s wrath? Poor Elisha was yet the same When an army stood on the hill Yet He saw the mighty unseen The Heavenly host that stood still. Dear one, ask the Lord for the eyes […]


Report from the Mission Field- Fairfield, Tx

There are always many beautiful things I want to share after each trip…this one is no different. First let me share a couple of little confirmations Christ was so kind to give me after we arrived Saturday am to prepare for the day. First, when we got there Friday night to setup and rehearse, the […]


The Release

There’s a moment when in prayer That you suddenly realize The Lord has let you go And released you for your flight. When pains of the past bow low Even when they still reside For freedom does now ring And cancels the enemy’s plight. His love has filled the holes And sealed the wounds real […]


The First Rain Drop

Echoes do resound And vibrate in the hills Warring angels roam Waiting for His seal Many now sent out Warnings now proclaimed Few with ears to hear Of coming judgement days. Did Noah grieve of heart For his ridicule? Zealously at work What the Lord said do. Please oh hear me now The day it […]


The Door is Closing

As I was walking today with the Lord I rounded the corner and He allowed me to see a concrete door..much like a floodgate…not a regular door. It was lowering and cutting of the waters that poured behind it. The door was almost closed..then I received this poem. Use what you have been given to […]