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A Soft Rain

I spent the morning on my back porch today. It was a beautiful morning to move my prayer closet outside and listen in a new place. Soon I looked up to see a most gentle and soft rain falling. It wasn’t making much sound but the birds began to have a time together. They were making much more noise than the rain:) It reminded me of how the Lord must feel about all His creation as He watches over us..and He is beautifully and constantly tending to us all…

“A Soft Rain”

It’s amazing the rejoicing of sweet birds

Directly after a very soft rain

When frolicking about with fellow feathers

Does bring a delightful grin to my face.


When all is well and simply pleasant

As they dart back and forth at play

And quietly one can hear well

The pitter patter of a very soft rain.


It’s gentle enough not to stifle

So refreshing to a weary heart

It’s the visible sign of His Highness

As He watches carefully every drop.


The sound does bring relaxation

A melody made by His hand

So kind is a loving Creator

Who sends a soft rain to man.


It carefully washes the flowers

So careful no petals do fall

The leaves are cleansed from pollen

That’s weighed it down from being tall.


The smallest of animals do scamper

How thirsty they must all be

How precious is our Father

For tending to each of these.


June 4, 2017